Please Note: I will only trade with Scouters Aged 21+
Uri's Trading Jamboree Strip Collection

1989 Jamboree

Alamo Area Council, TX 1989 (oversize)
Mount Diablo Council, CA 1989 

1993 Jamboree

Chester County Council, PA, MD, 1993 (oversized)
Morris-Sussex Council, NJ, 1993 (Green Bar Bill)
Stonewall Jackson Area Council, VA, WV (oversized)

1997 Jamboree

Alamo Area Council, TX, 1997
Bergen Council, NJ, 1997
Cambridge Council, MA 1997
Chester County Council, PA 1997
Comanche Trail Council, TX 1997
Dan Beard Council, OH,KY 1997
Great Salt Lake Council, 1997 (silver mylar border)
Great Southwest Council, 1997
Greater Cleveland Council, OH 1997
Greenwich Council, CT 1997 w/ Jamboree '97 pin.
Inland Northwest, 1997
Moraine Trails Council 1997 (blue border)
Nassau County Council, 1997 (Dark blue border)
National Capital Area 1997 (gold mylar border, red roof house w/ windows)
Old Colony Council, MA 1997 (yellow and green borders)
Western Alaska Council, AK 1997

Blue Ridge Council, SC
Central Wyoming Council, WY (color changer)
Circle Ten Council, TX
Connecticut Rivers Council, CT, 2001
Great Trail Council, MA
Heart of Louisiana, Attakapas Council, LA, 2001
Mason Dixon Council, MD
Oregon Trail Council, 2001
Pacific Harbors Council, WA
Samoset Council, WI 2001
Simon Kenton Council, OH,KY
Snake River Council, 2001
Utah National Parks, UT, 2001
Viking Council, MN

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