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Council Strip Patch Trading List

Alamo Area Council, TX
Allegheny Highlands Council, NY, PA
Boulder Dam, NV,AZ,CA
Buckskin Council, WV, VA, KY
Columbia Montour Council, PA
Great Trail Council, MA, 90th Anniversary
Hawkeye Area council, IA "Future Community Leaders"
Illowa Council, IL,IA
Illowa Council, IL,IA Philmont 1995
Indianhead Council, MN,WI
Inland Northwest Council, WA,ID
Mason Dixon Council 2001, MD, PA
Midnight Sun Council, AK
Mississippi Valley Council, IL, IA, MO
Northwest Georgia Council, GA
Old Hickory Council, NC
Oregon Trail Council (blue border), OR
Ouachita Area Council, AK
Pine Tree Council, ME
San Francisco Bay Area Council, CA
Sinnissippi Council, WI,IL
Southwest Florida Council, FL
Utah National Parks Council, UT, old, new, 1996, 2000 issues
Viking council, MN 11 Years Quality council, Many Points 50th.
Voyageurs Area Council, MN,WI,MI
Western Alaska Council, AK
York-Adams Area Council, PA
Greater New York Councils: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Generic

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